Sunday, November 18, 2012

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some precious ones...

More swetha

First two days in the school

I was in a panic mode. But it went like a breeze. No cry . No complaints. She adjusted just like that.She likes her school bus and winwood. She looks tired though . She finished her home work in the school itself so that she can rest at home when she comes back or do some other outdoor activities.

She loves her teachers Ms. Burnheimer and Ms. Oseth very much in the Liberty elementary. She told me about the game they played in the school " who took the cookie in the cookie Jar " . They also play treasure hunt every friday. Plan looks good.

The teachers have sent a note that every monday they provide home work and we need to keep the notebooks and do everyday and return on Friday. They do have Family Life Education.

So far so good. She's getting used to the food in winwood. She happily gets up early in the morning and getting ready for school.

All the very very Best Swetha

Big Event - Going to the Big school

August 29, 2011

The Big day which we look forwared has come. We were talking about KG for a long time. Lot of discussions and debates.
For the past 1 year in all the family events , moms meetings , kids birthday parties , all moms were discussing about whether to put them in the montessori itself or in the public school. I have decided to put her in the public school .

She's already going to Kumon for reading and Math.Also going to drawing class. I thought it will be less load in public school more than montessori. She's is a strong personality and bright kid and so quick to learn new things.She talks to everyone easily and make friends.

Her time at the local Montessori daycare/school ended a last week.She did not realize the significance of it on that day. Though her teachers gave her a hug and we talked about coming back to visit etc she just gave the widest smile and said the usual byes not realizing that it was an end of chapter. I was a sad - we were saying goodbye to the school that helped her with potty trainings and taught her to read her first words. Her teachers have had a positive influence on her. Of course in a couple of years she would forget them but for posterity sake ....

Ms. Chandrika was a teacher, who always had a postitive like attitude to things - smiling, all forgiving, handing out gifts for the smallest of small things to big events like birthdays and everything in between. She made sure the kids played well was and truly was a great first teacher for the little ones. She helped ease the pain of parting for us and especially potty training.She also helped her acquire reading and math skills - addition and subtraction, writing down her name, and reading skills

Ms. Audry was her next teacher who helped with her social skills as she learned to speak English at school & nurtured her in to a social kid, helping her make many good friends - Meha, Rucha, Ariana, Krish,karen,amelia, Ishanika along the way.

So the plan is she will go to winwood for before and after care and go to school in the winwood bus.

I am a very strong lady in facing all the life situations. But when comes to swetha's transition I get so emotional and put all tension in my head. I still remember how i was sitting at home nervous crossing my fingers for the whole day when she went to montessori.Even today I am like that. Be she does not seem to mind this transition.

She's a strong, social little girl, but also hesitant and reserved in unfamiliar situations. She's a leader and a protector in many situations, but then in the blink of an eye she become timid and attach yourself to my leg. That part makes me little nervous

Bharat went to India right on time. I have run for all medical reports , shcool open house , all meetings . When I dropped her in winwood she waved me a good bye , hugged and kissed. I did not cry but I must admit my eyes were misty.

Swetha is still a baby to us and in this school alongside the 5th Grade kids she seems totally out of place, and yet we are all exited about going to the new school.

Alvin and Mario uncle wished her all the Best. Periamma , Athai, mama , mami , pattis , thathas , appa all wished her good luck.

But I am also little nervouse about the new influences that will begin barraging her. I pray that Bharat and me gave her a strong enough foundation to easily recognize the things that are right and trueand make some awesome friends

Amma and appa are so proud of you, Swetha. You are a curious girl with a zest for life. I can't wait to see what this next chapter holds for you.

Balavikas competition -2011

Swetha won three prizes .

Coloring - I
Story Telling - I
Sloka -I

Swetha -2011

Well I know this blog is not touched atleast for an year. Just to give updates , Swetha is a little lady now and my little helper , little friend , little rakshashi and little mamiyar. Ordering the whole household and being in her own way of things. Growing up so so fast. She can dress appropriate to that event which I never does. She's very particular about what she likes .She's good in math until Division. Started swimming in the little pool , singing very very good, Able to read "I can read level 2 books" plus whatever she sees she'll try to read , loves books , very very manipulative and playing good with young children and lots of goods and some bad too.

Sometimes she wants us to share some soda with her , wants the gum too. Too talkative.

She's good in telling slokas. Recently she got first prize in coloring , first prize in story telling and III price in sloka. Need to push her a bit. But if we does she's picking up things very fast.

Though people around me are saying she's going to be # 1 in school and everything , I will be happy if she does something good in her career and get into some jobs which she likes and shine in the same field.

She goes to Jart studion for art class , kumon classes and music classes...

I know I cannot remember things which happened in her childhood. so I have decided to keep this blog updated.